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Microsoft makes money from Android too – laughs at Apple

• 27/05/2011 • Comments (0)

Think that Microsoft wishes they were in Google or Apple’s shoes in the mobile race? Sure, who wouldn’t right? Well, after announcing that the new Windows Phone 7 update ‘Mango’ was coming out this year, and a whole new slew of WP7 handsets will be following, it’s not bad being Microsoft right now. Actually… it’s […]

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apple iphone5 launching september 2011

iPhone 5 may be out in September – Apple iPad responsible for record profits says RBC

• 12/04/2011 • Comments (0)

So, to trim this down for everybody reading, Apple is stupid rich after launching the Apple iPad and iPad 2 this year, along with the Apple iPhone 4 last year as well, the quarterly profits have gone up 78% this Q2 when compared to Q2 of 2010. WOW!

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Banks in South Africa let you text to get cash at ATMs

• 28/03/2011 • Comments (0)

This is actually a pretty cool amazing thing going on in South Africa. The First National Bank ATMs will now send ou a text message with your temporary PIN to complete the transaction at the ATM, rather than have you forget what you pin is or lose your bank card.

Tags: africa, atm, bank, cash, fnb, money, sms, text, withdrawl

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angry birds ad dollars

Is Angry Birds’ Rovio going to the New York Stock Exchange?

• 21/03/2011 • Comments (0)

Rovio is certainly putting on the weight when it comes to teaching others a lesson in how to market your game. With a movie coming out, multiple versions of the game available on different platforms and keeping the hype going, it’s no wonder this game is highly successful.

Tags: Android, angry birds, angrybrids, exchange, featured, finance, game, gaming, intitial public offering, investment, investor, iOS, IPO, mobile gaming, money, nysx, Rovio, series a funding, stocks, traders, trading

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OpenFeint and The9 will port games from ‘other app stores’ to Android

• 10/03/2011 • Comments (0)

OpenFeint, online gaming community for multiple mobile gaming platforms, is helping cover the cost of porting many of their popular games from ‘other app stores’ onto Android’s platform, as we continue to hear about the growth of Android, and how developers want to get in the Android Market game now.

Tags: 100 million, 100Million, Android, android gaming, AndroidGaming, applications, apps, cash, china, chinese, cross-platform, developers, development, fund, fund9, funding, game, game developers, GameDevelopers, games, gaming, incentive, money, openfeint, resources, sweetener, the9

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JP Morgan – Tablet Market predicted to hit $35 billion in 2012

• 01/03/2011 • Comments (0)

The Tablet market is about to explode, and we don’t doubt that for a second. JP Morgan had originally stated its 2011 revenue forecast for tablets would be $24.9 billion and $34.1 billion in 2012. We now are hearing from JP Morgan that they have changed their estimates to $26.1 billion in 2011 and $35.2 […]

Tags: 2011, 2012, estimates, forecast, JP Morgan, market, market share, money, revenue, sales, tablet, tablet market, tablets

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Tips for Maximizing your Mobile App Revenue

• 06/02/2011 • Comments (0)

Mobile ad revenue is becoming a massive money maker for many companies, including Google and game developers. We reported how much Google gets AdMob hits a day, as well as how much money can be made by wrongful clicks on mobile ads, so it’s no wonder that 2011 is predicting an $11 billion revenue from […]

Tags: ad revenue, cross-platform, developers, facebook, marketing, marketplace, mobile ads, mobile revenue, money, revenue, tips, twitter

Category: AdMob, Android, App Store, Apple, Apps, Apps, Apps, Apps, Blackberry, Google, Market, Market, Microsoft, Windows Phone 7

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Create your own Android App with AppsGeyser – no skills required

• 17/01/2011 • Comments (0)

There’s been a few apps come out, or webapps, that have allowed people without any real coding skills to create an app and get it up on the market with little time at all. Some are quick, but lack the ability to make it an appealing, versatile app, others lack the ability to make you […]

Tags: ad impressions, ads, Android, androidapps, applications, apps, appsgeyser, besttoolbars, browser, build, buildapps, code, create, createapps, developapps, manage apps, mobile app, money, video, webapps, webpage

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