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xoom 3.2

Motorola releasing a 4:3 Android Ice Cream Sandwich tablet to rival Apple iPad

• 14/07/2011 • Comments (0)

Motorola has had something over 7 months to figure out why they haven’t made near the dent in the tablet market to compete against the Apple iPad and iPad 2.

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ipad-2-backlight-bleeding LG parts

iPad 2 screen light leakage caused by faulty LG parts

• 09/05/2011 • Comments (0)

We’ll start by saying that this is not official, but rumors have it that the iPad 2 backlight leakage issues may be attributed to faulty LG panels used in the manufacturing.

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qik video chat apple android

Qik Video Connect allows video chat for Android and Apple users

• 27/04/2011 • Comments (0)

Skype bought out Qik a few months back, and we knew this meant that they were intending on finally uniting video chat regardless of what platform you were on, be it an iPhone or an Android device.

Tags: Android, app, apple, Google, iOS, ipad, iPad 2, Ipad2, iphone, iPod touch, IpodTouch, qik, skype, video calling, video chat, VideoCalling, VideoChat

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apple ipad 2 etch a sketch sale toys r us

Apple iPad 2 now sold in Toys R Us – the new Etch-a-Sketch

• 18/04/2011 • Comments (0)

Welcome to the new age of Etch-A-Sketch toys…the Apple iPad 2! It’s now being sold in Toys R Us stores across the US online.

Tags: apple, apple iPad, appleipad2, etch a sketch, iOS, ipad, iPad 2, Ipad2, sign of the times, SignOfTheTimes, toy, toys r us, ToysRUs

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apple ipad2 reading teach kindergartners

Apple iPad 2 for kindergartners teaches them to read – what happened to books and teachers?

• 12/04/2011 • Comments (0)

A debate in Maine has sparked as the city of Auburn’s school committee voted to pay for 285 Apple iPad2 tablets for kindergartners in their schools in hopes to raise the reading level from 63% to 90% by the year 2013. The Program will cost $200,000, which most likely is the debate…it’s always about money isn’t it.

Tags: apple, children, debate, ipad, Ipad2, kids, kindergarten, maine, reading, schools, teach, teaching, us

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Motorola Xoom and Atrix 4G not selling well – analyst claims

• 06/04/2011 • Comments (0)

I can’t say that I’m surprised by the statements made by analyst James Faucette of Pacific Crest, which outline the disappointing sales figures of Motorola’s flagship Android Tablet and smartphone, the Xoom and Atrix 4G respectively. The analyst used channel checks to ensure correct data on the numbers for sell-through. Obvious reasons for poor sales […]

Tags: 4G, Android, AT&T, atrix 4g, htc, inspire, ipad, Ipad2, iphone, iphone 3Gs, motorola, tablets, Thunderbolt, xoom

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tigerwoods2012 icon

Preview – Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 hits the green for iOS

• 31/03/2011 • Comments (0)

Are you a golfing fan? Well, you know what happens this time of year when you start seeing the snow melt, and the grass growing greener…it’s time to dig out those dusty clubs again and start working on your drive. While you’re doing that, why not grab the new Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 from EA and work on your virtual swing too. In this new version (which is in HD as well), you’ll be able to travel to championship courses from TPC Sawgrass to St.Andrews.

Tags: apple, apps, facebook, games, gaming, golf, HD, iOS, ipad, Ipad2, iphone, ipod, itouch, itunes, iTunes App Store, multiplayer, pga, tiger woods, tour

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iPad 2 having FaceTime issues – users reporting

• 30/03/2011 • Comments (0)

It appears that the Apple forums have been lighting up a bit over a new issue some have seen using the FaceTime app on the iPad 2.

Tags: app, apple, facetime, facetime app, forum, freezing, ipad, Ipad2, issues, problem, problems

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ipad-wireless-2 sd card microsd support 4g

Does the Apple iPad 2 have Wi-Fi connection issues?

• 26/03/2011 • Comments (0)

Is this another ‘Antennagate‘ issue in the making? Will we see Steve Jobs defend the iPad 2 Wi-Fi connection rumors by saying that all tablets have this issue and give everyone a free “smart cover” for their silence?

Tags: antennagate, apple, apple iPad, appleipad2, connection, connectivity, featured, internet, ipad, iPad 2, Ipad2, issue, problem, steve jobs, wifi, wireless

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Apple iPad2 deliveries start arriving to customers

• 17/03/2011 • Comments (0)

It hasn’t been too long to wait for your newly purchased Apple iPad2 since ordering it has it? Truth is, Apple is pretty good at shipping, seeing as majority of their products are ordered online. They’ve gotten pretty good at it. That said, many are waiting for their shipments to arrive still, mainly due to the huge demand and amount of iPad2 sales that were done over the short time right after launch.

Tags: apple, Arrive, buy, delivered, delivery, ipad, iPad 2, Ipad2, online, online order, OnlineOrder, order, orders, pre-order, shipped, shipping, tablet

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