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Anymode samsung galaxy tab case

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 case a design copy of the iPad’s Smart Cover – ‘What patent infringement lawsuit?’

• 19/07/2011 • Comments (0)

If you were Samsung, and battling Apple on several patent infringement lawsuits for copying things like the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone, would you put out a case for your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 that mimics the Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover? The answer should be obvious, but we saw that a product from AnyMode made its way to a Samsung website as an accessory to the popular Galaxy Tab 10.1.

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Samsung may launch 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab with low Price to compete

• 04/03/2011 • Comments (0)

You gotta love competition in technology, because usually, it means that prices go down fast. That may be the same with Samsung as they reconsider their pricing model for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 inch model after Apple announced the iPad 2. Basically, Samsung saw what Apple did, looked at their own Tablet, and went ‘Whoa! […]

Tags: 10-inch, Android, Android 3.0, Android3.0, apple, apple iPad, appleipad2, Galaxy Tab 10.1, GalaxyTab10.1, Honeycomb, iPad 2, Ipad2, price, pricing, Samsung, samsung galaxy tab 10.1, SamsungGalaxyTab10.1, slate, tablet

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Official at MWC with Honeycomb

• 13/02/2011 • Comments (0)

Again, we all knew this was coming a few days in advance, but it’s still great to see it actually announced finally. The 10.1 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab (tab 2) has, you guessed it….a 10.1 inch screen, Android 3.0 Honeycomb, dual-core Tegra2 processor, and dual cameras (front and back). This device will put itself right […]

Tags: Android 3.0, Android3.0, breaking news, BreakingNews, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 2, galaxy tab ii, GalaxyTab, GalaxyTab10.1, GalaxyTab2, GalaxyTabIi, Google, gslate, hands on, Honeycomb, HP, ipad, lg, motorola, MWC, MWC 2011, mwc2011, nvidia tegra 2, nvidiategra2, Samsung, Tegra, tegra 2, tegra2, touchpad, video, xoom

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