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iOS 5 burned cable

iOS 5 beta is burning down the house… is Apple under ‘fire’ for bad code?

• 08/07/2011 • Comments (0)

Yes, beta can make your dreams come true, or it can burn them down. In this case, they can burn your iPhone 4 cabel down as seen above. Developer Gus Pinto tweeted earlier that while testing iOS 5 on his iPhone 4, he noticed it running hot, and then saw small flames that ended up burning his icable.

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netflix-workaround Android

Netflix app work around found – we have instructions here

• 15/05/2011 • Comments (0)

Netflix for Android was launched and unfortunately for most, it only supports a small amount of devices. Well, if you have a rooted Android smartphone however, that may change for you. Over at XDA-Developer Android community, as well as seen posted on reddit, hackers have found a way to make the Netflix application think you’re […]

Tags: Android, Android market, AndroidMarket, app, apps, code, hack, hacked, hands on, handson, infuse, lg, market, motorola, Netflix, netflix for android, NetflixForAndroid, nexus, nexus one, streaming, streaming video, StreamingVideo, video, xda, xda developers

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android 2.3.4 update gtalk nexus S

Android 2.3.4 update rolling to Nexus S owners soon

• 29/04/2011 • Comments (0)

Google let the world know Thursday that it would be sending out an update first to all Google Nexus S owners over the next few weeks. The update will be OTA (over the air),

Tags: 2.3.4, Android, code, download, file, Gingerbread, Google, instructions, Link, manual, nexus, nexus one, nexus s, Package, update.zip, website, xda, xda developers, zip

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cyanogenmod 7 final release gingerbread android 2.3.3

CyanogenMod 7.0 Final Gingerbread build for Android released

• 11/04/2011 • Comments (0)

The Android community is very large, and if you’ve ever wondered why people are so ‘pro-Android’ it’s usually the development community and support you get that turns you into a huge fan.

Tags: 2.3.3, 7.0, Android, cm7, code, community, customer, Cyanogen, CyanogenMod, final, final release, Gingerbread, Google, hacking, Load, mod, open source, performance, rom, ROM Manager, source, stable

Category: Android, Hacks, Software

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Make your own Android Morse Code transmitter – hack away

• 07/03/2011 • Comments (0)

If you have a little spare time and some LEDs kicking around, you may want to geek out a little bit this week or weekend and build yourself an interactive, morse code lightable transmitter for your computer. ‘Why wouldn’t a guy’ you’d likely say right? Right! Here’s the deal, you’ll need to grab one of […]

Tags: Android, build, capacitor, code, computer, dyzplastic, figure, hack, hacking, led, lights, mechanized, morse code, resistor, robot, toy

Category: Android, Hacks, Stuff

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Malicious Android Apps removed by Google remotely using ‘Kill Switch’

• 07/03/2011 • Comments (0)

In a type of covert-esc operation you may see in action movies and Sci-Fi flicks, Google is remotely accessing your smartphone to remove any of the 20+ malicious apps it found last week in the Android Market.

Tags: Android, Android market, code, Google, Handsets, Kill Switch, malicious, mobile, phone, remote

Category: Android, Phones, Software

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Samsung devices still having Windows Phone 7 update issues

• 06/03/2011 • Comments (0)

Microsoft is still having issues rolling out the update that you’ll need to get the Windows Phone 7 update. I know…pure goofy. Anyhoo, Samsung devices are still having issues installing this update, even though it’s been halted before, then fixed and re-released. These new issues are not unseen by Microsoft as they’ve admitted via Twitter […]

Tags: code, error, fail, issues, microsoft, NoDo, problems, Samsung, update, Updater, windows phone, windows phone 7, WP

Category: Microsoft, Phones, Updates, Windows Phone 7

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Google dumps 21 malicious apps from the Android Market

• 02/03/2011 • Comments (0)

21 Android applications were found in the Market to be malicious in nature. The apps in question actually root your handset when the app has been downloaded and installed, also, they accept a remote code to a server in California which can upload device information to your handset. The bundles were apparently published on the […]

Tags: Android, app, application, Backdoor, code, exploit, Google, malicious, malware, market, myournet, root

Category: Android, Apps, News

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Create your own Android App with AppsGeyser – no skills required

• 17/01/2011 • Comments (0)

There’s been a few apps come out, or webapps, that have allowed people without any real coding skills to create an app and get it up on the market with little time at all. Some are quick, but lack the ability to make it an appealing, versatile app, others lack the ability to make you […]

Tags: ad impressions, ads, Android, androidapps, applications, apps, appsgeyser, besttoolbars, browser, build, buildapps, code, create, createapps, developapps, manage apps, mobile app, money, video, webapps, webpage

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iPhone5 Design is Super thin – real or fake?

• 15/01/2011 • Comments (0)

The new design of the iPhone5 seen above may be the slickest, thinest smartphone out there. This one’s not quite out there though…we have to wait a while before we see anything like this, even if people think this may be the “iPhone4,2″ from the code of iOS 4.3. Thing is, is that the design […]

Tags: apple, code, concept, design, iOS, iOS4.3, iphone4, iphone5, smartphones

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