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mobileattack color 401x125 is a technology-media website designed to bring news and information about mobile technology to it’s readers. We do not share or collect information about your visit to any other agencies. The information collected on this website is strictly used for internal metrics and performance of content through use of cookies. Every individual visiting this site has the ability to turn off cookies if one chooses through your internet Browser settings.

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We are not responsible for content on this website being republished on other sites without our consent or knowledge and cannot be held liable as such.

This Privacy Policy is dated February 1st 2011, and is subject to change without prior notice.

Children’s Privacy
At MobileAttack, we take a child’s privacy very seriously, and do not target our content for any specific age group. Information collected is not shared with any 3rd party company other than to collect statistics for the content on this website only. No content on this site is restricted by any age group, and has been approved as safe for all ages.
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