Windows Phone 7 update pulled from Samsung devices – bricking phones

• 23/02/2011


The new WP7 update from Microsoft for Samsung devices isn’t going over so well, in fact, it’s been bricking some devices. As such, Microsoft has pulled the update back until they can work out the issues and re-release. The devices most affected by the update issues seem to be the Samsung Omnia 7 devices.

In an official statement from Microsoft to WinRumors, they have identified the issue and are working hard to get it corrected and released again. The update may still show as available to some users, if so, DO NOT UPDATE. Wait for the fix release.

If you have an Omnia 7 device that is no longer functioning after the update, simply bring it back into your retailer/carrier where you purchased it and get a new one. This is just another brick in the wall (pardon the pun) of Microsoft woes, alongside Nokia since the partnership.

[via – Engadget]
[Source – WinRumors]

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