Windows Phone 7 market has 10K apps – big deal

• 15/03/2011


Big news for Microsoft this week, as their WP7 (Windows Phone 7) MarketPlace jumped over 10,000 applications available to consumers. This may be seen as a big jump for them considering that they’ve just started hitting 1K apps at the end of October 2010, then broke 5K apps in December 2010, now 3 months later over 10K. I’m no mathematics whiz, but that looks to me like app development is slowing down for WP7.

No disrespect to Microsoft for their accomplishments, but they are so far behind with regards to app count, that I don’t think they’ll ever catch up. The Apple iTunes App Store is over 350,000 apps, and they aren’t stopping, especially now with the release of the iPad2. Google’s Android Market has over 250,000 apps, which went up from 200,000 apps in December 2010. So, even though WP7 apps went up 5,000 in 3 months, Android’s went up 50,ooo in less time.

I don’t think they’ll catch up. Developers want their apps to be seen by the masses, and when 70% of the mobile market is between Apple and Android devices, and only 8% by WP7, that says devs will go to apple and Android before considering WP7 development.

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