Windows Phone 7 Mango bringing more features – Xbox, facebook chat, Office 365

• 16/05/2011

wp7-mango update features

It looks like among the other new features getting rolled into the new Windows Phone 7 update called ‘Mango’ (wp7.5), a few more are trickling out, at least until we hear more possibly at the Windows event on the 24th this May.

Some of those updates include more Xbox Live integration with ‘Automatic Sync’ and games hub, new messaging intergration with Facebook chat and Windows Live Messenger, and new Office 365 features that include SkyDrive and SharePoint functionality. All pretty cool features I have to admit, making this the best offering Microsoft has yet, if these are in fact getting announced in the official WP7 update Mango of course.

[Via – Engadget]

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