Windows Phone 7 getting web-based App Marketplace – just like Android

• 26/05/2011

windowsphone-marketplace mango

After the Windows Phone 7 update announcements on Tuesday, Microsoft is going to be adding some new features outside the phone as well, by launching an App Marketplace for WP7 devices online, similar to the Android Market. Google’s Android Market has seen good improvements since adding the ability to push app installs to your registered device through the web-based market, making it easier to find and surf for apps you may like. Microsoft sees this as a great way to find apps as well, so they’re following suit and doing it for WP7.

The Windows MarketPlace will keep track of your app history in the event you switch phones, making it easy to re-install them on the new device. It will push apps over the air to install in the background on your WP7 device, and it’ll allow you to share apps you recommend or like through social networking as well. All this should be live when Mango updates start rolling in the fall 2011.

[Via – Engadget]

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