Windows Phone 7 development highlights its numbers

• 31/03/2011


It’s coming up on the anniversary for Microsoft’s Developer set for Windows Phone 7, and Brandon Watson has decided to share some stats and numbers with everyone to point out how WP7 has been adopted by the development community. Honestly, it’s not considering how bad Windows Mobile 6 was.

  • The Windows Phone Developer Tools have been downloaded over 1.5 million times. Watson notes that number equals the entire population of Philadelphia.
  • There are 36,000 members (registered as developers) of the AppHub (Windows Phone development) Community. This number is growing at a rate of 1,200 new members a week.
  • Numbers of note concerning the Marketplace include that Windows Phone customers average 12 app downloads a month; certification is taking an average of 1.8 days to complete; 44% of all paid apps include a trial version; and 62% of all apps submitted pass certification.

These numbers show that developing WP7 apps can actually be a promising financial return, where in the Android Market, developers are finding it difficult to turn a good dollar and break even, and most apps being downloaded are Free. Good signs for Microsoft and WP7, the more apps in your market, the more consumer adoption in the end.

[Via – wpcentral]

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