Windows 7 tablet customized – widgets, apps and more

• 01/06/2011


One of the things most people love about the iPad and Android tablets is the way the touchscreen interface moves with screen display, as well as widgets (Android) and app icons ready at your fingertips. For Windows 7 on Tablet devices, this has been a hard sell. Sure you can open your apps from the start menu, or pin them to your taskbar. But what if you want to add widgets to your homescreen like you see on Android tablets for example. Yes, Windows 7 has widgets too, but they don’t look as nice as some Android apps tailored for tablets look.

Here we have an avid Windows 7 Tablet user, who isn’t going to wait for Microsoft to put out their Windows 8 Tablet OS, rather, he’s customized his Win7 Tablet to be a great looking Tablet interface device, one that just may have you thinking more about whether you could get by just fine with a Win7 device over an iPad or Android Tablet. The video below walks us all through the customization on an ASUS Eee Slate EP121 12inch Tablet. Have a look!

[Via – BGR]

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