Samsung releasing Galaxy S II with Windows Phone 7? Find out why

• 05/07/2011


The Samsung Galaxy S II is the fastest selling Samsung device so far, selling 3 million devices in 55 days. If you were Samsung, how do you sell even more? Do you update the hardware, add a MicroSD card, or do you start to consider how to get other mobile operating systems onto the device to hit other markets?

What evidence is there to suggest such a claim? A device by the model name “SGH-937″ just went through Blurtooth SIG clearance, which happens to be 10 less than the current Samsung Galaxy S II running Android 2.3 Gingerbread, the “SGH-927″. The “SGH-937″ also has the exact same Bluetooth characteristics as a Windows Phone 7 Mango handset which has also passed through. Lastly, a list of WP7 devices coming soon at Occasional Gamer lists the “SGH-937″, which finally lends itself to believe that there is a ‘Galaxy S II‘ type device coming soon running Windows Phone 7 Mango. This could launch WP7 into stardom if it happens sooner than later.

[Via – Engadget]

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