Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 device ‘Sea Ray’ leaks online – images and video

• 23/06/2011


The first real look at a Windows Phone 7 device made by Nokia has surfaced online after Stephen Elop, Nokia CEO, showed the device to a select group of people, pleading them to not take pictures as this device is strictly confidential. ‘Whoops…guess not many┬ápeople┬álike listening to Stephen lately’. On top of the leak, there’s a Nokia made video showcasing it as well at the bottom.

The new device codenamed ‘Sea Ray’ will be the first of its kind, in that of a Nokia device sporting Windows Phone 7, which is running WP7 Mango to boot, as mentioned here. This is the real deal, even though it looks exactly like the Nokia N9, it is a little different in that the LED flash on the back is in a different spot, as well as the designated Camera button on the side like all WP7 smartphones have. Looks good Nokia…keep it up.



[Via – Engadget]

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