Nokia W7 and W8 will be their first Windows Phone 7 devices

• 14/04/2011

nokia w7 w8 windows phone 7 smartphones

According to industry insider reports, Nokia will be set to launch its first official Windows Phone 7 devices since the partnership with Microsoft was announced earlier this year, affectionately referred to as “Microkia“. The devices will be called the Nokia W7 (left) and the Nokia W8 (right). The W7 sounds and looks to be every bit identical to the Nokia X7 running Nokia’s own Symbian software. It will have a 4inch AMOLED screen with glass front, and a metal chasis. Likely however, there will be the uniform 3 buttons at the bottom of the screen common to all WP7 devices.

The Nokia W8 will resemble in every way the Nokia N8 which also currently runs Symbian, again though, likely will have the 3 buttons at the bottom for WP7 functionality apart from its current design. These devices are still rumored to launch in early 2012, so one has to wonder how accurate these specs are from the reported ‘industry insiders’. Things change pretty fast in the mobile market, and 8 months away from now is a long time away.

[Via – BGR]

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