Nokia may be doubling bonuses to devs who don’t quit jobs

• 03/03/2011


According to Finnish newspaper Taloussanomat suggest that Nokia may be giving 50% increases to employees who stay working at Nokia on the MeeGo project and meet the deadlines still in place for development. Why Nokia is so bent on releasing the MeeGo device (the last of its kind) this year is beyond many people as they’ve already got plans to dump Symbian, MeeGo and start bringing out the WP7 devices after the announcement of the Microsoft partnership.

Staff need to meet three deadlines on end of July, end of September, and end of 2011 to receive the 50% bonus increase. If they leave prior to that, they will receive no bonuses. Makes you wonder how these staff must feel going into work everyday knowing that the project they put effort into is dissolving, but they can’t leave due to deadlines to release the device still exist. I would hate to work at Nokia right now. What a productivity crushing environment to be in.

[Source – YLE News]

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