Nokia is in trouble – Q1 2011 shows marketshare down to 26%

• 21/04/2011

Nokia logo

To put it simply, Nokia needs to get these WP7 smartphones out the door or they’re going to fair very badly by the end of 2011. The latest earnings and financial report shows that they are now down, from 41% this time last year, to 26% in the smartphone market share. Nokia CEO Stephen Elop says that Q1 was ‘solid’ but that Q2 will be more challenging. Uh, you think so?

When I watch Stephen Elop talk, I can’t help but feel I’m watching a gag reel on George W. Bush. It’s hard to take him seriously. Let’s hope that the Nokia staff can keep the company going. They are capable of great things, but I feel their ambition is lost.

[Via – Engadget]

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