Nokia begins scaring staff again due to ‘coming changes’

• 10/03/2011

nokia ceo elop mwc

Change in a workplace can be hard to digest by staff, especially those who put their hearts into a project that’s been more or less terminated and burned before their very eyes by none other than Microsoft and new CEO of Nokia Stephen Elop. Now begins the task of seeing who’ll stay and who’ll go. Nokia already offered the bonus increase to those who stay to meet existing Symbian deadlines.

Nokia began consulting with their staff about the new direction of Nokia, and Finnish union reps are scared that this will mean some 5,000 jobs may be cut due to the lack of need for Symbian developers this year alone. Unlike in North America where you can fire someone and tell them to pack their stuff all within the same 15 minutes, Finnish labor laws are more strict, and thus require these ‘talks’ to take place before anyone needs to officially leave. Sounds like one big setup doesn’t it?

[Source – intomobile]

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