New HTC Windows Phone 7 device has 12 megapixels

• 30/05/2011

eldar-htc wp7 12mp

We all know that our smartphone cameras are no match for a standalone camera valued over $150. My Kodak 3MP camera which is 6 years old takes better pictures than any smartphone out there…until perhaps now. The new HTC Windows Phone 7 device seen here, and photographed by
@eldarmurtazin, shows us some camera settings that we’re not used to seeing. This device shows us a photo reslution option of 12MP (4000×3000) as well as ‘Raw Capture’ support seen in the pic below. That is an awesome feature for photography enthusiasts who need to rattle off some pics, but happen to not have their 12MP Nikon DSLR handy. How these pics actually look though may be a different story, as hardware really means everything in the photo world.

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eldar-htc wp7 12mp

[Via – Engadget]

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