Microsoft Windows Phone 7 does not track data – unlike Apple iOS

• 26/04/2011


With all the stories coming out over Apple’s iOS tracking your every move anytime you connect it to a 3G network, some people were getting pretty paranoid over it. Of course, Apple tried to accuse Google of the same thing, which they also claimed is an iOS bug, but nobody wondered about Microsoft Windows Phone devices. Well, Microsoft says they don’t track data like iOS devices.

They have a web-based application that allows you to track your own device in the event it’s lost or stolen, but it only registers the last location, rather than thousands of possible locations stored in iOS devices. It’s single purpose is to help you find your phone. Microsoft is in the clear.

What about Apple? Not so much.┬áCongressman Al Franken sent a letter to Apple which has ignited a lawsuit aimed to bring out the real reason for Apple tracking this amount of personal location data. It’s easier if you come clean on it then to try and hide it Apple, didn’t your parents used to tell you that?

[Via – intomobile]

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