Microsoft Windows 8 demo – images and video

• 02/06/2011


At the D9 event from All Things D, Microsoft Windows president Steven Sinofsky gave a keynote which introduced working models with Windows 8 OS on different devices. The new OS is built and optimized for Tablet devices, but still has full functionality for non-touchscreen devices such as laptops and desktops alike. The UI of Windows 8 looks very similar to the tiles and apps look of Windows Phone 7′s ‘Metro UI’.

The OS will still very much be an extension of traditional desktop OS’s where you need a keyboard and mouse to interact, but only if the device you’re using is not a touchscreen. If it is touch, you have the option of touch and/or keyboard mouse. Looks pretty nice so far, and this is just testing betas, not actually full release production software. Have a look at the images and video below.

[Via – Engadget | All Things D]

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