Microsoft shows business enterprise features in Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update

• 17/05/2011

windows phone 7.5 mango enterprise update

We’ve been getting some previews of what Microsoft has in store for us on May 24th at their Windows Phone event, almost so many that I’m not sure what they may be saving for the show. Here’s some more information about business and enterprise features that should entice suit and tie guys into a Windows Phone rather than an iPhone or BlackBerry.

New Mango features will now include the ability to ‘pin’ email folders of your choice to the start screen for easy viewing, email threads will show conversation view (a new feature in MS Office Outlook 2010), exchange server email search (allowing you to search your entire email storage for email that may not have been downloaded or saved on the phone). Other features include ‘Lync’ support for higher security passcoding, IRM support and hidden Wi-Fi network connectivity. Check the video below for more information on these updates and how they may benefit your business.

[Via – Engadget]

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