Microsoft blaming users and Samsung for failed WP7 updates – ouch

• 24/02/2011


Well, it’s been a couple of days since we started hearing about users Samsung Omnia’s turning into bricks, or at least pretty unusable devices after trying to install the latest Windows Phone 7 update.

Microsoft has now issued a statement via the Windows Phone Blog stating that only 10% of users were actually unable to install the update, while the other 90% of WP7 users successfully installed it without issues. Blame seems to be placed on users poor internet connections, not enough storage space on the device to fully download the software, which seemingly points the finger at Samsung.

Stop mud-slinging and just fix it…I know…make the software download the update first BEFORE beginning the flash and ROM installers, maybe that would save the devices from bricking, and would ensure the software is downloaded fully. Just a thought Microsoft. Being last in this mobile OS market means you can learn from others mistakes, like Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Humble up a little.

[Source – intomobile]

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