Microsoft and Nokia joining forces – announcing partnership

• 05/02/2011


Next week at the Capitol Markets Day, Nokia is expected (rumored) to be announcing a partnership with Microsoft and Windows Phone 7. Whether this is simply a mutual agreement to share apps across platforms, or outright WP7 Nokia devices is hard to say right now, but the fact is that Microsoft could use a little help pushing out WP7 devices, and Nokia can use any help they can get across the board as they continue to lose market share in the mobile sectors.

This isn’t the first time they’ve “joined forces”. The last time they did, it wasn’t much of a success. At that time though, Microsoft had a crappy mobile OS, and Nokia had lion share of the market…times were much different. We’ll know alot more come Feb 11th at the Nokia event

[Pic – Engadget]
[Source – New York Times]

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