HTC HD7 finally gets Windows Phone 7 copy/paste update

• 30/03/2011


Well, it’s not been without trials and errors, but the copy/paste update for Windows Phone 7 devices has been rolling, and the HTC HD7 is the latest to receive it. To test, see if you can copy and paste this text if you’re viewing this from an HD7. Kidding.

Seriously though, T-Mobile customers using the HTC HD7 will be seeing the update pop up in notifications that there is an update available for you to install OTA (over the air). Before doing that however, just to be safe, make sure you have at least 200MB free space available to download the full update, and also, make sure you have a full battery so as not to brick your device mid-update process if the battery dies.

[Via – Engadget]

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