Developers can now submit 100 free apps for Windows Phone 7

• 28/02/2011


It would seem that Microsoft isn’t happy with the current growth of their WP7 market for available apps, or they’d like to increase faster in any regard. Microsoft has now increased the amount of apps a developer can place in the WP7 market from 5 up to 100, making it easier for developers to put up Free apps and thus increasing the size of the app marketplace for Windows Phone 7 faster.

There may be a downside this however, and that may be the amount of crappy apps available. People normally will pay for a good app, which may be why there aren’t many paid apps. Free apps on the other hand are a plenty in any mobile marketplace, be it apple, Android , and soon Windows Phone 7.

Let’s hope that this doesn’t open the flood gates for ‘crapapps’.

[Source – intomobile]

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