Integrated Google Voice on All Sprint Handsets

• 21/03/2011

Sprint has announced that along with launching on the new Samsung Nexus S 4G handset, Google Voice will be available on all handsets going forward.

How does it all work?  With just a few easy steps, Sprint customers can take their existing phone number and set it up with Google Voice, through which up to six devices can be routed.  When you get a call to your number, all the devices set up (be it home phone, mobile, and Gmail account) will ring.  You just pick up whichever device is closest and most convenient to you.  When you dial out, your Spring/Google Voice number is what is displayed on caller IDs.

Considering that Google Voice could have potentially honed in on the carrier’s domain, it’s interesting to see Spring embrace this service so wholly.  Of course, it’s not likely an exclusive arrangement so we can and should expect to see Google Voice integrations with other carriers soon enough.

[Source – IntoMobile]

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