Google Wallet is live – Google bets on NFC – Lookout Groupon

• 26/05/2011

google wallet mastercard

Today, Google unveiled ‘Google Wallet‘, which is the name of the service that will allow you to keep your credit and payment data stored in your Google Wallet account, with the ability to access it through your mobile devices, or any internet browser. To start, they show that now 70% of us are using the internet for credit and bank transactions, where 70% of us a few years ago were not comfortable with using the internet for payments. Times have changed, thanks to smartphones mostly.

Partners on board already include Citi, Mastercard, FirstData, and Sprint, with many more to follow down the road.  The neat thing here is how they are going to integrate NFC  payment systems with existing ‘PayPass’ devices already in 300,000 shops. Combine that with your Google account, Google Wallet, credit cards and now Google Offers, and you’ll be deleting ‘Groupon’ emails and unsubscribing in no time.

Google Offers will puch NFC check-in offers from stores right to your mobile device, giving you existing offers to use or save til later. All seamless, all mobile, all Google. Maybe Groupon should have sold to Google, cause now the fight is on.

You can check out more on Google Wallet and Google Offers here. They launch in San Francisco, NYC and Portland first, and will eventually be on any mobile device that wants to partner with Google, not exclusive to Android devices.

google wallet offers

[Via – TechCrunch]

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