Google has a new CEO – his name is Larry Page

• 05/04/2011


Google has a new CEO taking over as of Monday April 4th 2011, and its Larry Page, co-founder of Google. Eric Schmidt has removed himself as acting CEO and is now Google’s Executive Chairman. Larry Page was in that same role prior to Google hiring Eric back in 2001, so it’s not as though its unfamiliar turf for him. That said, it is definitely and infinitely larger than it was back in 2001 as well, which we’re sure will come with its’ own challenges going forward. All that said, Eric isn’t leaving, and will always be around to help guide Google down its’ path to global domination. Let’s hope that Google stocks don’t start to crash like Apple’s did when Tim Cook was named to take over as Steve Jobs went on medical leave.

[Via – Engadget]

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