Google bidding $900 million for 6,000+ Nortel patents

• 05/04/2011

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Google wants to make sure that they have a large amount of stake in the mobile industry as they publicly announced a $900 million bid for the 6000+ patents Nortel holds as its’ end of life auction comes to start. Google says that they want to ensure that those who had a hand in creating these patents should be rewarded, while others who are simply hanging on to them should not. If Google owned them, they would be put to good use, and of course, would keep Google in the mobile playing field with many sought after technologies that other companies will pay to use.

Google’s Senior Vice President & General Counsel, Kent Walker, added;

The tech world has recently seen an explosion in patent litigation, often involving low-quality software patents, which threatens to stifle innovation. Some of these lawsuits have been filed by people or companies that have never actually created anything; others are motivated by a desire to block competing products or profit from the success of a rival’s new technology…The patent system should reward those who create the most useful innovations for society, not those who stake bogus claims or file dubious lawsuits, In the absence of meaningful reform, we believe it’s the best long-term solution for Google, our users and our partners.

Patents seem to be the new way mobile companies ensure they stay alive in an ever changing mobile technology universe, and this shows you how valuable Google believes the mobile market is and will be in the future.

[Via – BGR | Googleblog | CTV]

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