What can you do with your mobile device?

• 25/03/2011

What can you do with your mobile phone? I have another question….what CAN’T you do with your mobile phone?!

Let’s do this in the form of a song shall we….

Youuuuuuuuu caaaaaaaaaaaannnnnn….

watch it
and call it
listen and hear it

Play it
and throw it
may break it but you own it

Get Angry
and brick it
and play your Angry Birds on it

you use it
to help you
to guide and direct you

if you’re not sure
if you can
just search and there’s an app for that

there’s wordpress
and twitter
there’s apps to cook your dinner

and Netflix
can find your favorite actors

play games
and read books
go creepin your friends’ Facebook.
add to the song if you wish in the comments below…

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