VTech’s InnoPad, tablet helps kids learn

• 12/02/2011

VTech has done it again.  They’ve made learning fun with technology.  This time with a new Tablet-like device called the InnoPad.

It’s a learning-based Tablet designed for children ages 4-9 with a 5-inch touchpanel, a tilt-sensor for gaming control, microphone and interfaces for USB, an SD card and a headphone jack.  Though it primarily functions using learning cartridges from VTech, there is support for downloads for parents who would rather sync it up to a Mac or PC and transfer things to a memory card.

It’s heavy duty outer shell is kid-friendly and designed to take the punishment that day-to-day kid-life is sure to dole out.

There are tons of titles for software (priced at $24.99) and the InnoPad doubles as an MP3 player, video player and (though we’re not sure why an aged 4-9 kid really needs it) a datebook.  Parents will be pleased that the InnoPad is much more affordable than the iPad at just $79.99 and will ship this fall.

That still gives the rest of the adults in the neighborhood time to go buy a real Tablet device quick.  It would be pretty pathetic if your neighbor’s kid had a Tablet before you did, right?

[Source – Engadget]

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