Vodafone’s UK network down, almost all back online

• 28/02/2011

Across the pond and now hours after Vodafone customers first woke up to learn that they had no wireless service across the entire network, all reportedly caused by a break-in at the Vodafone data exchange center in Basingstoke.

The outage, which is now slowly being restored, affected all users of 3G, 2G, SMS, and BlackBerry services.

No further details have been provided and Vodafone are working to restore all services – with 2G and 3G already being restored earlier today – as soon as possible.  They assure that all customer’s private information is secure.

This leaves me wondering just exactly what happened at Basingstoke overnight?  Disgruntled employee? The competition getting a bit more hands-on? Just some petty criminal who tripped over an badly laid wire while trying to steal office supplies?  Can’t wait to hear the details, if Vodafone ever shares them.

[Source – Engadget]

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