Verizon Drops The “Can You Hear Me Now?” Guy

• 16/04/2011

To be honest folks, I thought this guy was let go long ago – around the time that saying ‘Can You Hear Me Now?’ went from being topical and witty to downright lame and embarrassing.  Like, three years ago or something at least!

Turns out the man who personified the once-topical catchphrase has been on the payroll all this time.  But no more.  As of April 14, 2011 Paul Marcarelli – the actor who enjoyed a 9-year relationship with Verizon – is no longer employed by Verizon.

According to Marcarelli he had been let go as of last September when Verizon sent him an email basically telling him, “We’re going in a different direction.”  Considering I haven’t even heard that specific catchphrase in at least a few years I’m guessing Marcarelli had an inkling something like this was on its way down the pipe.

The last commercial Marcarelli appeared in for Verizon was for the iPhone 4 in February, 2011.

So where is Marcarelli heading to next? According to Wikipedia, he’s got some movie-making plans.  Huh, who knew?

[Source – MobileCrunch]

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