Users get to download as much as they want with Vodafone’s new Data Test Drive

• 10/10/2011

A new scheme that focuses on data usage has been released by Vodafone and could be one of the most innovative and useful offers currently available from any mobile network provider.

Network provider Vodafone is currently offering all of its new and existing users the opportunity to try out a new scheme called the Data Test Drive. The scheme is available on a three month contract and will allow users the chance to download as much data as they like without any kind of caps.

According to a spokesperson for Vodafone “Vodafone’s ‘Data Test Drive’ is designed to give customers the confidence to experiment with their new phone on the UK’s best network, get to grips with its features and explore all the apps that are available for it.”

Once the three months have expired Vodafone will then contact its users and provide them with details of the amount of data they have used. This will allow them to choose a mobile package that is more closely attuned to their personal data usage habits.

Even if this is just a marketing ploy to grab the attention of new and existing customers ahead of the release of all the new Apple and Android phones that will be out soon this is the closest any provider has come to giving users the opportunity to make an informed decision on the package they want based on exactly how much data they will be using.


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