Texting while driving stats are not improving – watch video

• 18/03/2011


The stats on texting while driving have not gotten better in some areas, despite people knowing it’s a bad habit, as well as it being made illegal in many parts of the world. In Australia for example, the amount of people who admittedly text while driving has gone UP 12%, and now sits at 45%. Out of those who do text while driving, 41% say they do it because they are too busy to pull over, while 24% say they can’t break the habit. Those are some real scary stats folks. When asked if those same people who text and drive if they would be comfortable being in the car with someone else driving while texting, 89% said they would be uncomfortable with that. Simply put, if you text while driving, you’re a moron!

Stats show that texting while driving is the equivalent or worse than driving while drunk or impaired. Yes, you’d be better off driving after slamming a case of beer than you would if you were sober and texting while driving. BTW, don’t drink and drive either!

Do you feel comfortable in a vehicle where the driver is texting? Do you text while driving yourself? Watch the video below to truly understand why you should not only never text while driving, but also let anyone you’re ever in a vehicle with that you will not ride unless they pull over to text. You may not only save their life, but you may save many more including your own as well.

*This video should not be viewed by anyone under age 18 due to its graphic nature.*


[Via – intomobile | youtube]

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