Texting while driving in Connecticut will cost you your license for a day

• 18/04/2011

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Here at mobileattack, we fully believe that texting while driving will eventually be punished harder than drinking while driving. The stats add up that it is worse in many ways that being intoxicated. Why people still do this is totally beyond me, but i guess it’s really because they just aren’t aware of just how dangerous it really is. So, we will continue to bring out stories related to it, in hopes that eventually, our stories may be read by those who still text and drive, and maybe…just maybe…they’ll get the hint.

Bringing us to todays story of a recent change in law within Connecticut, Rhode Island. If you’re caught texting while driving, you could lose your drivers license for a full day, if the police officer  is feeling particularly sparky that day, as it is their right to decide. While many other states have banned texting while driving, in Connecticut, you’ll not only possibly lose your license, but if you’re a repeat offender, you’ll also pay a $500 fine. Better hope that officer who pulled you over doesn’t know anyone who has been hurt as a result of a texter driver, which is unlikely as stats continue to rise on texting while driving related accidents.

Seriously, save the meaningless conversation until you’re out of the drivers seat. If you’re a passenger in a vehicle when the driver is texting, tell them to let you out so you can live. Hopefully, they’ll get the net.

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