Telstra and HTC to bring ‘HTC 4G’ to Australians

• 28/09/2011

The need for a greater number of 4G enabled smart phones and devices in Australia is set to continue to grow as the rollout of 4G networks becomes more widespread. This is something that will enable tech savvy Australian to take advantage of the increased efficiency, speed and reliability of 4G networks.

For fans of the technology giant HTC there is some good news on the horizon in the form of a new 4G smart phone, which will be hitting the shelves in the early part of next year courtesy of Telstra, the Australian telecommunications giant.

Smart phone fans who are eager to get their hands on a 4G handset from a manufacturer that has become well known for its innovative devices are likely to be flocking to get their hands on the device. At present very little has been revealed about the phone, which has been codenamed ‘HTC 4G’

A spokesperson for Telstra said that the company was very excited about the partnership, adding that 4G smart phones would bring the power of home PCs into the palms of users’ hands. He added that now the 4G network from Telstra had gone live in Australia this handset would be the first of many handheld 4G devices that were set to launch in the near future.


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