T-Mobile Sidekick kicks the bucket officially on May 31st

• 01/03/2011


T-Mobile has decided that there really isn’t any room in the mobile market for a device that acts like a smartphone, but doesn’t really have any of the features of one. Instead, they’d rather move their current ‘Sidekickers’ into a device that either is a basic “feature-phone” or a smartphone, claiming it’ll be “an easy transition… to a new device.”

Hopefully what they mean by that is when they kill your sidekick on May 31st (data that is), they’ll give you a sweet deal like a free smartphone (or cheap upgrade) when you bring in your sidekick, and hopefully help recycle the devices properly. This could be a great thing for those who maybe weren’t sure if they wanted a smartphone, or those who maybe couldn’t justify the price when the sidekick was still ‘kickin’….pardon the pun.

I see good things here, if T-Mobile makes it easy on the consumer.

[Source – MobileCrunch]

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