Swedish Postal Service to use text messaging stamps service

• 09/03/2011

text stamps

This is just weird, but I guess the regular postal type services are finding it hard to evolve in today’s technology world.The Swedish Postal Service announced it will use a text-messaging based system to replace postage stamps. If you’re like me right now…you’re probably wondering how the heck this would work.

Here it goes, customers will send a text to a Swedish Postal number, which will then send a text back with a number they can place on the package or envelope (up to 2 kilograms). The method will be able to track packages and remain secure for parcel delivery. People wil simply be able to pay for the ‘text stamps’ from their mobile device or pre-set account.

Not sure this can save the postal services, but it’s worth a shot.

[Via – Engadget]
[Source – The Local]

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