Survey: Women would give up chocolate over mobile phone

• 17/03/2011

I know I’m addicted to my mobile phone.  Now a survey shows just how addicted some of us women are.

A new survey has been released by MasterCard Canada of 2,000 Canadian women reveals that 46% of them admit they couldn’t go a week without their mobile device.  How serious are we about our mobile devices?

The survey shows that 24% women would rather give up coffee, 42% would sacrifice spa treatments, and 24% would give up chocolate.  Doesn’t that seem … unexpected?  I was surprised by these percentages actually.

Then I started thinking of my own usage and realized that I might be willing to do the same.

So how do women in Canada use their mobile devices?

The survey breaks it down as follows:

- 49% use it to communicate with their spouse
- 35% surf the web
- 31% communicate with children
- 23% use their device for work
- 23% play music
- 18% play games
- 10% make mobile payments

I would say I do all of the above, except instead of ’31% communicate with children’ it would read ’31% communicate with friends’.

This survey was initially compiled July 22nd – August 4th, 2010, so we’re sure even some of those numbers have changed in the past 7 months.

Technology is important to women, a sentiment echoed by Betty DeVita, President, MasterCard Canada.  “As a leader in mobile payments technology, MasterCard wanted to learn more about the relationship women have with technology and how this relationship is evolving. We know technology is important to women, but were surprised by how dependent they’ve become.”

Read the full report here.

[Source – MobileSyrup]

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