Survey reveals shocking habits of smartphone drivers

• 03/03/2011

In many places it’s now an offense to be caught driving while talking or texting on a cell phone.  We assume (and hope) that the law extends to those who are browsing on their smartphones too, especially after hearing about this news item.

According to an informal survey of 912 licensed drivers performed in November 2010 conducted by insurance company State Farm, 19% of respondents say that they browse the web at least once a week while driving their car.

Shocking, no?

It makes me wonder just what exactly is so important on Facebook or Twitter that a person would risk their lives this way and not just once … but once a week!

Additionally, the survey reports that 74% of people take and make calls while driving and 34% have their thumbs busy with text messages.  Again, this is once a week.

What might make this even more alarming is that this informal survey didn’t cover the most at-risk demographic – the younger generation.  The survey consisted mostly of respondents in their 30′s.  In fact, the 19% stat might be an underestimation, according to Cindy Garretson, Director of Auto Technology Research at State Farm.  She adds, “The largest users of cellphones tend to be the younger-age population. We would be very interested to know what that number would be if the focus was on the young adult market.”

So, time to fess up folks.  Have you ever been caught talking, texting, or browsing on your phone while driving?  Or maybe you haven’t been caught but have you had a bit of a scare because of distractions from your smartphone?  Share your stories with us.

[Source – IntoMobile]

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