Survey reveals mobile phone buyers want GPS, cameras, memory card

• 07/02/2011

With all the new features that are getting added to mobile phones by manufacturers to try to set them apart from the other guys, it turns out that people generally are looking for the same few basics for their next smartphone purchase.

According to a survey done by In-Stat, the main features mobile phone users are interested in are: GPS, digital cameras and memory card slots when purchasing their next phone.  Candybar touchscreen phones are still the preferred choice of buyers.

In-Stat research analyst Greg Potter also mentioned that integration with other devices is also on the rise, with respondents indicating they would like to integrate their phone with their car or other devices and to use their phone as a mobile hotspot.

Additional information on In-Stat’s report titled “Future Cellphones: Current User Preferences Drive Future Handset Designs” is available from here.

[Source – IntoMobile]

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