Smartphones outsell feature phones in Japan – new world order upon us

• 09/04/2011

smartphones_japan feature phones outsell first time

For the first time ever, smartphones actually out sold feature phones in Japan from March 28th – April 3rd. Not much of a large period to base sales on, but it’s a fact none-the-less. Market research firm GFK Japan reported these numbers, and interestingly enough, the percentage was close…real close. Smartphones sold 50.1% over feature phones, and all those smartphone sales were either iOS, Android, Windows or BlackBerry devices.

GFK says that the biggest push for these sale came from Android devices more than any other device. We’ll have to take their word for it as the report didn’t include actual numbers to see, but it’s not surprising of a claim regardless.

New World Order is upon us all, as smartphones begin their market domination starting in Japan.

[Via – MobileCrunch]

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