Parents need to be more involved with kids’ mobile phone usage

• 24/09/2011

There are many parents these days who purchase mobile phones for their kids, largely for safety and security reasons so that their children can be easily contacted or can easily contact someone else in the event of an emergency.

However, a recent study that was carried out in the United States has indicated that whilst many parents are buying mobiles for their kids, a large number of failing to teach their kids any mobile phone etiquette or even monitoring the usage of their young children.

The study showed that the average age at which kids were getting a mobile phone from their parents was between eleven and twelve years. Around 95 percent of parents said that they were buying phones for their kids for security reasons.

However, of the parents that were purchasing mobile phones for their kids, 20 percent did not set up any rules when it came to data usage and a further 20 percent did not discuss issues such as privacy, inappropriate text messaging or any other forms of mobile phone etiquette.

The study was performed by communications giant Verizon with an official from the company stating that it was important for parents to discuss these matters with their children for both safety reasons and to ensure that kids did not abuse their mobile phone access.


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