Nokia N950 Developer Edition with MeeGo is official – images and video

• 23/06/2011


Nokia is doing a great job of putting their money (or Microsoft’s money) where their mouth is by staying true to their word and pumping out a couple of last MeeGo devices before they chop off its legs from under it. I know, it’s a very strange marketing strategy.

The Nokia N950 makes its appearance, and its a great one. This device looks every bit as good as the Nokia N9, and possibly even better if you are a full QWERTY slider type smartphone person vs. a candy bar without the slider. This is a developer edition, meaning, it’s meant for developers to have a good hands on and create some development hype around it as it were. The only downside of this is the 4inch TFT LCD screen when compared to the vastly superior N9 AMOLED display. But, it won’t really matter much anyway as this won’t be hitting the streets for sale. No NFC like the N9, and a different 8 megapixel camera graces the backside of the N950 as well. Nokia reminds devs that the N950 is “beta quality and come without any warranty or support whatsoever.”

Check it out.

[Via – Engadget | Nokia]

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