Nokia N9 officially shows itself – images and video

• 21/06/2011

Nokia N9 Meego

The launch of the Nokia N9 is really the beginning of the end (or is it end of all things to come) for Nokia since we heard about the termination of Symbian and MeeGo products in the near future and the start of MicroNokia in its’ wake. The N9 is a MeeGo product, but you almost wouldn’t think it to look at the nice finishing touches Nokia put into the finished OS product. It really does look beautiful, along with the N9 hardware itself.

The N9 has built in NFC capabilities, which are able to use NFC to pair with Bluetooth devices as well as new Nokia handsfree speaker sets. The MeeGo OS is tailored for the size of device, which has its AMOLED screen behind Gorilla Glass for ultimate wear and tear. The OS is MeeGo 1.2 which has 3 main screens. One for your app Home screen, another for activities such as notifications and alerts, and the 3rd for application switching.

Have a look at the videos and images below, as this is a wonderfully designed device matched only by its well thought-out operating system in MeeGo. Well done Nokia…well done! [Golf clap now]

[Via – Engadget]

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