Verizon to add Palm Pre 2 to offering?

• 05/02/2011

Verizon seems to be on a roll.  Hot on the heels of the iPhone 4 release by Verizon, the largest carrier in the US, they just may have another handset ready to launch.

It’s the new Palm Pre 2 and at a smart price point of just $99 on contract, available from Verizon as of February 17th.

With all the new tablets and smartphones soon to be unveiled in the upcoming weeks, it might seem that the Palm Pre 2 is a bit behind the times but it does sport an faster processor, glass screen and the new webOS 2.0 operating system.  Some of the foreseeable drawbacks are the smallish 3.1-inch display and teensy weensy QWERTY keyboard.

It may not be as exciting of a launch as the iPhone 4 but we think it’s priced well and will have a loyal following who pick up these devices.

[Source – BGR]

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