UK 4G LTE Mobile Network for Swindon Release in 2012

• 02/10/2011

In the latest news for 4G, LTE Mobile Network in UK, Swindon seems like to be the first recipient of the network service in 2012.

Swindon council is the first to test the service when the new LTE network starts in 2012. Recent reports say that the residents are likely to lose their free Wi-Fi access just as what happened in the last networking project given.

Swindon will be receiving LTE connections to its broadband services in 2012, though LTE is not yet part of the mobile phone networks for a while in UK, but catering to broadband subscribers is a great start. LTE will use a broadbrand spectrum of 3.4GHz that pioneered over 10 years ago. The LTE was available for Swindon council for a while as the first step, but it may be publicly open.

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In 2007, the Broadband UK acquired its license to provide 3.4GHz of mobile communication, but this is a different case for mobile phones. The company controls 40MHz of the spectrum divided into two equal parts, for the up and down links beginning at 3480MHZ and 3580MHz, consequently. This means that there will be a feasible LTE service and tablets ot LTE handsets, which are not on the manufacturer’s road maps but can operate in the given band.

Across the globe, there are around 42 bands that have been approved for LTE, but to reinforce all this will take some time. The Register reports:

“But that’s not a problem for fixed wireless access, were receiving equipment can be tuned to the network. 3.4GHz won’t penetrate walls, or anything else, and so is well suited for line-of-site distribution to fixed locations”.


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