Sprint Kyocera Echo dual-screen Android – images and impressions

• 08/02/2011

Kyocera echo

If you’ve been watching what the Sprint event was supposed to be all about, you were probably as little mystified as to why they would choose David Blaine to be the celebrity presence. You probably also saw that Sprint leaked the big news a few hours before the main event too, lol…oops. Now we finally know what the big news has been about over the last few weeks, it’s all about the Kyocera Echo.

The Kyocera Echo is the world’s first dual-screen Android smartphone. It can run apps separately on both screens, or spread single apps across the 2 screens, making for better screen real estate when say, typing up a text, or looking at Google Maps. It’s running Android 2.2 Froyo right now, and there wasn’t much said about whether they’ll be updating it to Gingerbread right away or not. Honestly, that would have made it sound a lot more “current” if they had just launched it with Gingerbread.

The Kyocera Echo may burn through battery life though using 2 full screens, but Kyocera has thought of that too, by adding an extra battery and charger to the package. Perhaps Gingerbread would make for better battery life, again why Froyo we’re not sure. Obviously, they are aware its hard on batteries.

Overall, this device is just ugly. The hinge is huge, and looks awkward, the design is too square, and honestly, I’m fine with a single screen. I’d rather have better app development that handle battery life and single screen resolution more efficiently than a device that doesn’t care about those because its got an extra battery in case you die, and an extra screen to fill unnecessarily, but you do anyway to justify even getting this device.

All in all, this device will be $199.00 on a 2 year contract with Sprint, which is a large price for this sub-spec smartphone. I’d rather get an HTC Evo Shift 4G for less.

[Source – intomobile]

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