Nokia planning ‘organizational changes’, mobile execs on the outs

• 06/02/2011

There’s even more news on the Nokia front, just after a major announcement about Nokia and Microsoft joining forces yesterday.

According to Germany weekly Wirtschaftswoche reports, there are some major changes underway at Nokia now that newly appointed CEO Stephen Elop is running the show.

The paper cites “company sources,” stating that Mary T. McDowell, a bigwig in the mobile phones unit, as well as Niklas Savander, the manager of the markets unit, could be heading out the door.  That’s not all.  Kai Oistamo (Chief Development Officer) and Tero Ojanpera, the manager responsible for services and mobile solutions might also be asked to pack up their offices and leave Nokia too.

If rumors prove true this will be a huge corporate strategy and organizational shift – the largest since Elop took the reins in September.

No mention was made of removing Alberto Torres (exec leading MeeGo Computers) nor Jo Harlow (head of Symbian Smartphones) from their posts, so it may be safe to assume that Elop is cleaning house and looking forward to new innovation in the mobile arena.  After all, things haven’t been going all that swimmingly for Nokia mobile in executing corporate strategy or in keeping up with the competition in the huge South Asian markets that they once ruled.

Like always, time will tell just how this all plays out and what impact it has on Nokia’s day-t0-day mobile operations.

[Source – Engadget]

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